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The Missing Confederate Gold (Literary Digest, 1912)

For many it will come as no surprise that the Confederate States of America entered it's twilight with the same hubris and cupidity that gave it life. This 1912 article solved a mystery: what had become of the gold and silver from the vaults of the CSA when it finally became clear to all that the rebellion was over.

Click here to read a memoir of the Union victory parade in 1865 Washington.

MY LIFE AS A PROSTITUTE (Ken Magazine, 1938)

"A prostitute, intrigued by the monotony of her customers' questions, talks straight about her job. The hours, earnings, hazards, pleasures, advantages, drawbacks, opportunities for promotion, etc."

"Get a kick out of it? Sure - why not? That is, at least once or twice a day. It all depends on the customer. With some people you just naturally click. However, if we take our work seriously we pretend we like it - a clientele is the thing...If it's a frowzy guy with buck teeth and B.O. we hustle him through as fast as we can and hope never to see him again."

Click here to read about prostitution in the 1950s.

Click here to read a news piece about a prostitution blackmail scam that the L.A. mobster Micky Cohen had going in 1949 Hollywood.

Remembering George Gershwin and 'Rhapsody in Blue' (Creative Art Magazine, 1937)

By clicking the blue title link above, you will be treated to a postmortem appraisal of the American composer George Gershwin (1898 1937). The article was written by one of his contemporaries; Gershwin is admired in this article, but not idolized:

"No one could have been more surprised than George Gershwin at the furor the "Rhapsody" caused in highbrow circles. He had dashed it off in three weeks as an experiment in a form that he only vaguely understood. In no sense had he deliberately set out to make an honest woman out of jazz."

Fashion Modeling in the 1940s (Coronet Magazine, 1944)

Inasmuch as this 1944 article sums up the bygone world of the New York fashion model, the terms "heroin chic" and "bulimia" are not found on any of it's five pages (an over site, no doubt). The Forties were a time when a model would be just as likely to get a booking from a commercial artist as she would a photographer, and, unlike the Twenties and the earliest days of the Thirties, it was a time when a standardized image of beauty was well-established.

"- five feet nine inches in height, weight 110 pounds, bust 33, waist 24, hips 34, blonde or a light shade of brown hair. She will have quick, clever eyes and a very expressive face."
"Many of the models are bitter, unhappy girls inside. They soon grow disillusioned with their dream of modeling as a gateway to theatrical glory; they learn that their height is against them."

Read about the attack of the "actress/models"!

Black Tie, Please (Collier's Magazine, 1947)

One evening in 1947, Henry L. Jackson, co-founder of ESQUIRE MAGAZINE, realized that his magazine alone was not sufficient enough in circulation for passing the word along to his fellows that the rules for men's evening wear were rapidly being rewritten; knowing full-well that COLLIER'S was one of the preeminent American magazines of its day, he no-doubt must have pleaded the urgency of his case to their editors and, in so doing, saved the collective faces of the homo Americanus once more! We're delighted that he did so, because now you will have a more thorough understanding as to how you might have dressed had you lived in post-war America.

How a Southerner Overcame his Racist Past (Coronet Magazine, 1948)

The attached is an historic article that explains the lesson that so many white Americans had to learn in order that America become one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

There can be no doubt that many ragged, dog-eared copies of this middle class magazine must have been passed from seat to seat in the backs of many buses; perhaps one of the readers was a nineteen year-old divinity student named Martin Luther King?

Free College? (Pathfinder Magazine, 1948)

"Today the average American of 20 - 24 years of age has completed 12.1 years of schooling, an all-time high...Last week the President's Commission on Higher Education issued a report aimed at pushing the average still higher. It urged that free public education be extended through the first two years of college."

How The Europeans Saw 1930s America (Focus Magazine, 1938)

In his effort serve his editors at FOCUS MAGAZINE and alert their curious readers just how Europeans first perceive the Americans, German photographer Bernd Lohse traveled throughout the country taking snap-shots of everything that charmed and repelled him - take a look for yourself.

The Decline of Masculine Elegance (Vogue Magazine, 1922)

A Parisienne with a good many thoughts regarding menswear goes to some length to impart that men are dressing worse, not better, and the substitution of the dinner jacket (read: "Tuxedo") for the tail-coat is an example of the slovenliness to come.

"You are entirely wrong in imagining that we pay no attention to the way men dress...The truth is that while we may say nothing, we do not in the least consent, and we find, messieurs, that for some time now you have been very much changed, and for the worse."

Click here to read about the origins of the T-shirt.

VJ-Day in Boston (Yank Magazine, 1945)

"Boston's peace celebration exploded suddenly after the official news of Japanese surrender poured out of the countless radios. All morning and afternoon while many other cities were already wildly celebrating, the Hub, with true New England caution, waited soberly for confirmation."

"But the staid attitude was swept away...The most general impulse seemed to be to shout, sing and hug passers-by. For men in uniform the celebration seemed to be more of a kissing fest than anything else..."

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