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Predicting America's Unique Relationship With Israel (Literary Digest, 1917)

Some thirty-one years prior to the official establishment of Israel as a nation, one columnist could read the tea leaves well enough to see that the United States would serve as the protectorate of the young country.

Click here to read a 1933 magazine article concerning the rise of secularism in American society.

The Feminist Rebellion of the Twenties (Dilineator, 1921)

It was estimated that there were as many as two million empty seats around the collective family dinner tables in Post World War One Britain. Such an absence of young men could not help but lead to a new social arrangement:

"England is the great human laboratory of our generation - England with her surplus of two million women, her restless, well-equipped, unsatisfied women".

Too many European women were unable to find husbands and moved to America.

Free College? (Pathfinder Magazine, 1948)

"Today the average American of 20 - 24 years of age has completed 12.1 years of schooling, an all-time high...Last week the President's Commission on Higher Education issued a report aimed at pushing the average still higher. It urged that free public education be extended through the first two years of college."

Paris Puts a Stick in the Mode...(Vogue Magazine, 1919)

Fashion, like all empires, has it's slaves. The slaves are treated cruelly but, strangely, they never seem to mind; they do what ever is required of them. Many are the examples of fashion's tyranny: in the past it has demanded that it's slaves wear cowboy boots, although none could rope a steer, and it has demanded of it's slaves that they wear uniforms, although none could fight. In fashion's name the slaves have removed ribs and teeth, reduced or enlarged body parts, dyed hair cross-dressed and tattooed themselves like jail-birds. The slaves do it all and there seems to be no limit to fashion's fickle whims that will ever make them say, "no". To illustrate this point, you can read this beautifully illustrated Vogue magazine article from 1919 in which the beast demands perfectly healthy young women to walk with canes.

Britain Buries Her Own (Literary Digest, 1919)

Aside from scanning and posting vast numbers of historic magazine articles, the only other activity that has heightened our sense of inner tranquility has been our various walks through British and Commonwealth World War I graveyards. They are truly unique and beautiful gardens that can be appreciated on a number of different levels and it was not surprising to learn that many of the finest aesthetic minds in Britain had a hand in their creation.

This article, printed six months after the last shot was fired, is about the Imperial War Graves Commission (now called The Commonwealth War Graves Commission) and their plans as to how the dead of the British Empire were to be interred.

Click here to read about a 1920 visit the grave of poet Rupert Brooke.

Television Comes to Hollywood (Rob Wagner's Script, 1938)

"I believe the time will come when the live moving picture machine will be a part and parcel of every up-to-date home. I believe that the day is not far distant when moving picture film will be delivered at the home... and that the written description of the events of the day before will be augmented by the realistic portrayal of the happening..."

- so saith Siegmund Lubin (1851 1923), whose prediction was recorded in the July 28, 1906 issue of VIEWS and FILMS INDEX. Lubin is remembered in our age as one of the inventors who improved upon the existing movie camera and projector; his talents as a soothsayer have been largely ignored. We don't know what else he may have "soothed", but he sure was right about television!

- Which brings us to the matter of the attached article, that went to press some fifteen years after ol' Lubin assumed room temperature, but I'm sure that the writer (Tom Moriarty) would have been doubly surprised if Lubin had figured out that TV would evolve into the sordid affair that it is today. However, this column served as an announcement that television was coming and its home deserves to be in Hollywood, USA:

"Hollywood is the particular Creative Front in the world which has completely mastered the technique of volume-self-projection in all the arts."

Read another article about this Westward expansion...

Boeing Collaborated with the Nazi Luftwaffe
Ken Magazine, 1939

A 1939 article that concerned the rapid growth of the German Air Force, but also referred to the scandalous business dealings of American manufacturers Boeing and Douglas Aircraft had in this expansion.

By the time this magazine profile of Field Marshall Hermann Goering (1893 1946) went to print, he had already made his entry on the world stage as the master-mind behind the 1937 bombing of the Basque city of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War (an event that was not mentioned at all in this article).
Published four months before Germany's attack on Poland (September 1, 1939), this article outlines Hermann Goering's efforts to build the Luftwaffe from scratch, the creation of various flight schools, the Luftwaffe collaboration with the Hitler Youth organization, and his aspirations to out-class the air forces of the United States and Britain.

"It has taken Field Marshall Hermann Wilhelm Goering a little over six years to build the German Air Armada, one of the world's most formidable offensive forces, out of a magnificent bluff."

Shall Literature Go Dry, too? (Literary Digest, 1919)

Published at a time when America stood so reluctantly on the doorstep of the Prohibition era, an unnamed editor at THE LITERARY DIGEST compiled a number of quotes from numerous literary sources as if to illustrate the deep roots the Western world of belles-lettres has invested in the culture of alcohol.

The Battle Against Alcohol Dependence (Pathfinder Magazine, 1944)

Here are five letters to the editor written in response to an article that appeared in one of the Spring, 1944, issues of PATHFINDER MAGAZINE that pertained to two Native American tribal edicts that forbade the use of alcohol.

These two particular laws were 97 years apart (1737 and 1834), and we have yet to find original article that solicited these five souls to write, but the letters are informative, nonetheless.

Sovietized Georgia (Literary Digest, 1921)

Nine months after the Soviet Union signed a good-will agreement respecting the autonomy and independence of its Black Sea neighbor, Vladimir Lenin's Red Army quickly overran the borders of the Democratic Republic of Georgia on February 16, 1921; seizing the Georgian capital nine days later, Russian General Anatoli Ilyich Gekker declared the establishment of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic.

The attached article cynically opines that the invasion had nothing to do with the Soviet altruistic desire to look out for the working poor and everything to do with the possession of the Bakou-Batoum oil pipeline that made Georgia the go-to-guy for oil purchases in the region.

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