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50,000 Klansmen March in Washington, D.C. (Literary Digest, 1925)

A report on the August, 1925 KKK march in Washington, D.C.:
"The parade itself marshaled 'from 50,000 to 60,000 white-robed men and women' as the correspondent of the The New York 'Times' estimates, and H.L. Mencken tells us in the New York 'Sun'":

"The Klan put it all over its enemies. The parade was grander and gaudier, by far than anything the wizards had prophesied. It was longer, it was thicker, it was higher in tone. I stood in front of the treasury for two hours watching the legions pass. They marched in lines of eighteen or twenty, solidly shoulder to shoulder. I retired for refreshment and was gone an hour. When I got back Pennsylvania Avenue was still a mass of white from the Treasury down to the foot of Capitol Hill - a full mile of Klansmen..."

'I Was on the TITANIC (Pageant Magazine, 1953)

The 1953 TITANIC reunion took place in New York City. Numbered among the nine survivors was Edith Russell, who had been nineteen at the time of the ship's sinking. Also in attendance that day was the writer Seymour Ettman, who collaborated with Russell in crafting the attached five page article about her experiences the night TITANIC slipped below the surface of the North Atlantic:

"If the TITANIC sinks, will they transfer the luggage?"

"Miss, if I were you, I'd go back to your room and kiss your lovely things goodbye."

Mahatma Gandhi, RIP (America Weekly, 1948)

Shortly after hearing about the murder of Mahatma Gandhi (January 30, 1948) the editor of AMERICA WEEKLY typed up these six solemn paragraphs in order to consecrate his memory and deeds.

It is the death of a man of the highest moral prestige, and it leaves us with forebodings of the future.

The State of Women's Suffrage in 1907 (Harper's Weekly, 1907)

This 1907 article refers to a report made by journalist and suffragist Ida Husted Harper (1851 - 1931), concerning the status of the suffrage movement as it could be found throughout the Western world. A number of interesting issues and seldom remembered concerns are sited throughout this article on the matter of the bullying and boorish ways of those wishing to hamper the advancement of women's suffrage.

Blitzkrieg: In the Words of Nazi Officers (American Legion Weekly, 1940)

An article by military historian and biographer Fairfax Downey (1894 - 1990) concerning the unique manner of mechanized warfare that the Germans had introduced to the world during the opening weeks of the Second World War:

"Thunder rumbles, lightening flashes and strikes. Incredibly swiftly it is over. So, compared to the campaigns of the First World War, was the German Blitzkrieg, rumbling, flashing and striking down Poland, Norway, Holland, Belgium, and France. How did it work? What made it click?"

''Tolerance is an Ugly Word'' (Coronet Magazine, 1945)

In 1947 former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt penned this nifty essay about her least favorite word:

"I do not like the word tolerance.
If you tolerate something, you do not like it very much."

"I believe that what we have to do in this country is to stop disliking things and like them...We must cease to be afraid of our neighbors at home and take the word 'tolerance' out of our vocabulary and substitute for it the precept, live and let live, cooperate in work and play and like our neighbors."

The Dos and Don't in Men's Suiting of the Forties (Pic Magazine, 1945)

This article appeared in an issue CLICK MAGAZINE that was deliberately edited to aid those young men who had been wearing uniforms for the past few years and, subsequently, had no knowledge whatever of tailoring or of fabric that was not government issued. It consists of a handy guide for the aspiring dandy showing just how a gentleman's suit should fit if it is to be properly worn.

Read an article about the history of Brooks Brothers

Executive Order 8802 (Collier's 1941)

Although the Roosevelt administration believed that integrating the armed forces was far too risky a proposition during wartime, it did take one important step to insure that fair hiring practices were followed by all businesses that held defense contracts with the Federal government; during the summer of 1941, while American industry was still fulfilling its roll as "the arsenal of democracy", a Federal law was passed that criminalized racist hiring practices. The attached editorial from COLLIER"S MAGAZINE applauded the President for doing the right thing.

Read an anti-Gandhi article from 1921...

The Short Hair of the Late Forties (The Diamondback, 1949)

"The shingle cut, the feather trim, the French Scissors cut or the cherub cut - no matter which you choose - a short hairstyle flatters your face.... When the American college girl first began to clip her long tresses, the general reaction was one of general horror. Now that the surprise has worn off, the various advantages of short hair become apparent: trim locks are cool, easy to take care of, smart looking and stylish."

Surfing: The New Thing (Click Magazine, 1941)

When you examine the 14 images in the attached article about California surfing in the Forties you're quite likely to come away believing that the stale surfing comedy Beach Blanket Bingo was actually intended to be an anthropological documentary depicting a long lost Anglo-Saxon culture. Minus the bikinis, Frankie and Annette the pictures seem like production stills from the MGM archive; long boards do indeed rule, silly hats are evident and you might be surprised to see that bongo-drums were indeed pounded at the prerequisite evening bonfire, as well.

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