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''Learn War No More'' (Literary Digest, 1927)

Following World War One there existed a poor taste in the collective mouths of all the participating combatant nations; as a result, 1927 saw a small rebellion against much of the military training taking place on some U.S. campuses. This article lists a number restrictions that various academic institutions had placed on those military organizations active on college and high school grounds.

Another Addition to Man's Incomprehension of Woman... (The Saturday Review of Literature, 1932)

Attached is the 1932 review of Woman: Theme and Variations by Major A. Corbett-Smith:

"There is no mystery about women, he announces...she is never quite sure of herself in comparison with other women; but she is well aware of her superiority to man..."

Click here to read about feminine conversations overheard in the best New York nightclubs of 1937.

Christ is Big Box-Office (The Literary Digest, 1927)

This is a review of one of the first movies to tell the story of Jesus, The King of Kings, which was directed by Hollywood's earliest prophet: Cecil B. DE Mille (1881 1959). The film was genuinely adored in all circles; one critic gushed:

"Cecil B. DE Mille's reward for 'KING of KINGS' will be in heaven..."

Click here to read about the 1922 discovery of King Tut's tomb.

Why Is God So Silent? (Jesus People, 1973)

Frederic W. Farrar (1831 - 1903), Dean of Canterbury Cathedral during the last eight years of the Victorian era saw fit to examine God's silence and seeming indifference while humanity struggles:

"Look at all the myriads of mankind who have lived only as the beast live, and have died as the fool dies".

"God makes no ado. He does not defend Himself. He suffers men to blaspheme. His enemies make a murmuring but he refrains. And much of what is said is awfully true - for those who utter it. To men, to nations, God is silent; there is no God. Their ears are closed so that they cannot hear. They who love the darkness have it. To those who will not listen, God does not speak."

Trying to Understand Learning Disabilities (Pathfinder Magazine, 1937)

The kids who are discussed in this article would be called "LD" today - you don't want to know how they were referred to in the early Twenties. Back then there were no Federally-funded commissions thronging with sympathetic PhD candidates to ramble on about "convergence issues", "processing concerns", "the-classroom-learning-environment" and the "Learning Disabled". There were only frustrated kids, frustrated teachers and broken-hearted parents. This 1937 news article reports on the pioneering teachers at Seward Park High School in New York City and the earliest attempts to address the needs of students who suffered from language processing disorders, dyscalculia, dyslexia, dysgraphia and America's favorite - good ol' ADHD.

King's March in Washington (United States News, 1963)

Although the attached article is indeed about the famous civil rights march on Washington that took place in August of 1963, the journalist made his primary concern the political gains and losses that remained after all was said and done.

Prolonging The Vietnam War
(American Opinion Magazine, 1967)

"While thousands of American men lay down their lives in a cruel jungle war, our own president is urging us to trade with the Kremlin that is financing this war and providing the main source of supply to the enemy."

Deporting the Reds (American Legion Weekly, 1920)

In this 1920 AMERICAN LEGION WEEKLY article the mojo of the Red Scare (1917 to 1920)is fully intact and beautifully encapsulated by W.L. Whittlesey who condemned the U.S. Government for ever having allowed large numbers of socialist immigrants to enter the country and spread their discontent throughout the fruited plane. On the other hand, the writer was grateful that the government was finally tending to the matter of deporting them in large numbers and doing so with every legal means available.

Anticipating the Titanic Disaster (The Nation, 1912)

A couple of years prior to the sinking of Titanic the president of the International Seaman's Union of America presented a petition before the U.S. Congress declaring that the issue of safety at sea is widely ignored on all levels. In his address he remarked:

"There is not sailing today on any ocean any passenger vessel carrying the number of boats needed to take care of the passengers and crew..."

The Boeing Collaboration (Ken Magazine, 1939)

A 1939 article that concerned the rapid growth of the German Air Force, but also referred to the scandalous business dealings of American manufacturers Boeing and Douglas Aircraft had in this expansion.

"It has taken Field Marshall Hermann Wilhelm Goering a little over six years to build the German Air Armada, one of the world's most formidable offensive forces, out of a magnificent bluff."

A similar article can be read here...

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