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The Slang of the Beatnik Generation (Pageant Magazine, 1960)

To fulfill her publicity obligations for her roll as "Roxanne" in her forthcoming film The Subterranean (MGM, 1960: from the Jack Kerouac novella of the same title), actress Janice Rule (1931 – 2003) struck a number of "Beat" poses and provided a glossary of Beatnik slang for the readers of CORONET MAGAZINE.

Click here to read an article about 1940s teen slang.
If you would like to read about 1920s slang, click here.

Air Pollution Becomes a Problem (Pathfinder Magazine, 1947)

This news article was penned a year and a half after the end of W.W. II and it concerns the steps various industrial cities were taking to limit the amount of pollutants that factories belched into the air daily. A year later, the Republican-lead Congress would pass an important piece of legislation titled the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.

2013 marked the first time that the industrial powerhouse of China finally recognized that air pollution in the Beijing area exists and it is a problem. China regularly emits the lion's share of green house gasses (a whopping 23.5%).

Click here to read a 1951 article about America's polluted rivers.

Air-Raid Wardens on the Home Front (ClicK Magazine, 1942)

The Congressional Declaration of War was a mere five months old when this photo-essay appeared that documented the earliest days of the American Civil Defense efforts during the Second World War.

At this point in the war, the Marines were still three months away from landing on Guadalcanal and the Army wouldn't be arriving in North Africa for another six months - but the neighborhood volunteers of the Civil Defense seemed to be prepared.

The West Coast as a Military Zone (U.S. Gov. 1943)

The following illustration was created by the U.S. Government during the early days of World War II and will help to illustrate how enormous the task of Japanese-American "relocation" must have been.

Optimistic Plans Regarding the Use of Cavalry (The Alertmen, 1943)

This illustrated article from an obscure U.S. Army weekly states quite clearly that in light of the successful use of cavalry on the Eastern Front, the U.S. Army was once again training men to fight on horse-back. Referring to the writings of a Soviet General named O.T. Gorodoviko (a probable reference to General O.T. Gorodovikov: 1879 -1960) who had stated in an article written in an undated issue of "The Cavalry Journal", that cavalry proved effective in fighting the Nazis when deployed as mounted infantry in limited engagements. The journalist conveyed his enthusiasm that the era of the mounted man was back.

Please give us your thoughts about this article, something seems terribly fishy; did over-extended Soviet Generals have time to write for American journals? Furthermore, you might find that the accompanying photos seem deliberately out of date. The hard-charging post-debutants at tend to feel that this article was a hoax intended to throw someone off the trail...

Interview with a Home Front War Worker (Yank Magazine, 1944)

It would seem that a good many World War II servicemen believed that they were missing out on all that "home front glamour" that had kicked-in as a result of the full-employment and booming economic prosperity of wartime America; and so Yank correspondent Al Hine was quickly dispatched to Turtle Creek, Pa. to pen this small article about Frank Hanly, "an average guy in a average war plant. He works hard, rests and plays like we used to and he isn't getting rich."

Click here to read about the hostile alienation of W.W. II draft-age men who were absolved from military service.

Home Front Teen Slang (Yank Magazine, 1945)

A 1945 Yank Magazine article concerning American teen culture on the W.W. II home front in which the journalist/anthropologist paid particular attention to the teen-age slang of the day.

"Some of today's teenagers ---pleasantly not many --- talk the strange new language of "sling swing." In this bright lexicon of the good citizens of tomorrow, a girl with sex appeal is an "able Grable" or a "ready Hedy." A pretty girl is "whistle bait." A boy whose mug and muscles appeal to the girls is a "mellow man," a "hunk of heart break" or a "glad lad."

Click here to learn how the Beatniks spoke. Click here if you would like to read a glossary of WAC slang terms.

•Suggested Reading• Flappers 2 Rappers: American Youth Slang

Broadway Theater in Wartime (Yank Magazine, 1945)

New York's Broadway theater scene during World War II:

"Show people will never forget the year 1944. Thousands of men and women from the legitimate theater were overseas in uniform -actors and actresses, writers, scene designers, stage hands - and all looked back in wonderment at what war had done to the business... Letters and newspapers from home told the story. On Broadway even bad shows were packing them in..."

Click here to read a 1946 article about post-war Broadway.

The Returning Army (United States News, 1944)

"The young man going into the Army has a course in orientation to fit him for fighting. He has to be shown what kind of people his enemies are. He has to be told why it is necessary to fight. In the same manner, the Army is finding that the men returning from war have to be fitted for civilian life. They bring back resentment against men and women who have known little privation and less hardship."

Obsessed with Hollywood Stars (Motion Picture Magazine, 1916)

Attached is a single page cartoon from 1916 that illustrated quite clearly that the relationship between movie fans and their film star magazines have not changed at all during the past ninety years.

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