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The Nazis - Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler: Millionaire (Ken Magazine, 1939)

"Der Fuhrer boasts of his impecuniosity, but the fact is that royalties from his book, Mein Kampf and investments in German real-estate and industrial firms make him one of Germnay's wealthiest men. This money is deposited throughout Europe in 15 bank accounts under three names..."

An eyewitness recalled Hitler as a boy...


WHAT IF - Hitler Had Been Killed? (Click Magazine, 1941)

It must have been a slow news week when the CLICK MAGAZINE crew approached three of the busiest editors in the the U.S. and Britain asking them how they would break the news if Hitler were to be killed tomorrow?

"Every editor we queried agreed that when it happens, the death of Adolf Hitler will sell more papers than any other news event of the Twentieth century...All agreed that Hitler's death would not end the war; two out of three guessed he would die violently."

The leftest publisher Ralph Ingersoll knew right away that Hitler would die by his own hand.

The article is illustrated with facsimile printings of the headlines and how each paper believed the dictator would die - it was an academic exercise, but a fun read, nonetheless.


The News of Hitler's Death (Yank Magazine, 1945)

The June 1st issue of YANK MAGAZINE did a fine job of capturing the excitement that was felt in civilized quarters as the allied armies poured into Germany from all sides. As the news of Hitler's suicide spread throughout Europe, a YANK reporter took a sampling of G.I. opinion on the subject. One G.I. in Italy opined:

"Now they say Hitler is dead. Maybe he is. If he is, I don't believe he died heroically. Mussolini died at least something like a dictator, but somehow I can't figure Hitler dying in action..."

Read an article about some bored newspaper editors who were curious to know what the headlines would look like if Hitler had been killed in 1941.


Speculation About Hitler's Sexual Frustrations (Physical Culture, 1937)

Attached is a 1937 article from the long-forgotten magazine Physical Culture (1899 - 1950). The article is a psycho-graphic study by psychologist Lawrence Gould, who believed that the Fuhrer was an odd pervert who's sexual grief could only trigger a global war.

Read about Hitler's expert on sex and racial purity...


Adolf Hitler and Women (Click Magazine, 1939)

This article about Adolf Hitler and women appeared on the newsstands two months prior the start of the Second World War, when the world learned how evil a man the lunatic truly was. The journalist wanted to confirm that there was no truth to the 1939 rumor that Hitler was dead and quickly began musing about other rumors:

"More feasible is the theory that the sexless madman of Naziland is still alive and has merely discovered that he gets a vicarious thrill out of having women around him and likes to watch acrobatic dance routines."

Photographed in this article is Frau Scholtz-Klink, who had been dubbed "the perfect Nazi woman" by the Reichfuehrer, in addition to three curvy American burlesque dancers who performed before Hitler.

Click here to read about the dating history of Adolf Hitler.


Hitler's Secret Love (Quick Magazine, 1960)

Attached is a sensational article that appeared in a super market tabloid some fifteen years after Adolf and Eva saw fit to call it a day:

"Was Adolf Hitler the great lover who had to cover up his escapades because of affairs of state? Or was the great Adolf a full-blown homosexual who made his appointments to the upper hierarchy of Nazidom based on the pervert talents of the Master Race. Read about the latest revelation that throws the rumor factories and historians into a cocked hat and may prove Adolph's manliness."

The article was written anonymously.


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