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The Cold War

               The Cold War Film Clips

Russia's Fifth Column in America (American Opinion, 1964)

"Over the last thirty years the United States, as well as Central and South America, has been invaded repeatedly by ununiformed soldiers of the Soviet Government - agents of the International Communist Conspiracy. Our government has been furnished repeatedly with conclusive evidence of this invasion and yet has done nothing to exclude and deport the invaders... To make matters worse, 'Liberal' administrations since the time of Franklin Roosevelt have urged that what few immigration restrictions we have to prevent their entrance be removed... Roosevelt was not interested in the fact that many of those entering were Communists; after all, he told me that some of his best friends were Communists."


Reds in the Government (Weekly News Review, 1953)

This article makes a passing reference to a Soviet defector who jumped ship in 1937 in order to escape Stalin's seemingly random purges, his name was General Alexander Barmine (1899 - 1987). In his READER'S DIGEST piece from October, 1944 (the article can be read here) Barmine declared that Soviet spies were rapidly filling up positions within the U.S. Government. His more alarming proclamation was when he wrote that FDR's administration was protecting them - this implied that Red agents were already perched in the highest positions. When W.W. II ended (along with the Soviet alliance) both political parties in Washington agreed to weed out these moles - but they couldn't agree as to how deep the infiltration was. The Democrats believed that by 1953 most of the Communists had been found, the Republicans felt otherwise.


The Damaged Prestige of the FBI (Quick Magazine, 1952)

When this article appeared on the newsstands, J. Edgar Hoover had been FBI chief for nearly thirty years. In all that time he had enjoyed being photographed among celebrities and adored patting himself on the back by writing numerous magazine articles about the FBI. But by the time the early Fifties came along Hoover and his Federal agency were no longer the teflon icon that they used to be; the failings of the FBI were adding up and Hoover did not seemed accountable.


The Hungarian Uprising of 1956 (Collier's Magazine, 1957)

The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 was a nationwide revolt against the government of the Hungarian People's Republic and its Soviet-imposed policies, lasting from 23 October until 10 November 1956. Though leaderless when it first began, it was the first major threat to Soviet control since the USSR's forces drove Nazi Germany from its territory at the end of World War II.


The Coeds of the Cold War (Quick Magazine, 1953)

The original "Generation X" was that group of babies born in the late Twenties/early Thirties: they were the younger brothers and sisters of the W.W. II generation. There seemed to have been some talk in the early Fifties that this group of Americans were becoming sardonic and cynical - raised on the W.W. II home front, only to find that when they came of age they were also expected to sacrifice their numbers in a foreign war:

"How can you help being pessimistic when you hear that the boy you sat next to in high school English was killed last week in Korea?"

- opined one of the nine college women interviewed on the attached pages. These Cold War women were asked what was on their minds as they prepared for jobs, marriage and family.


Journalist Daniel Schorr and Premier Khrushchev (Coronet Magazine, 1961)

"When C.B.S.' Daniel Schorr (1916 2010) and U.S.S.R.'s Mr. K meet head on - sparks and fur fly; and Nikita doesn't always come out on top."

"Premier Khrushchev has been known, upon spotting the 44-year American newsman, to boom, 'Ah, there's old Schorr, my sputnik.'"


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