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The Cold War

               The Cold War Film Clips

American Civil Defense (Weekly News Review, 1953)

Attached is an article about Val Peterson (1903 1983), who had been appointed by President Eisenhower to serve as the director of the Federal Civil Defense Administration between 1953 through 1957. Peterson is remembered as the Washington functionary who mobilized graphic designers, copywriters, cartoonists and filmmakers in an effort to shock America's youth out of their complacency and recognize that nuclear warfare was a genuine possibility.

"America has always depended on its youth. The Atomic Age of nuclear weapons has not changed this - it has intensified it".


The Necessity of Overthrowing Russia (Pathfinder Magazine, 1950)

This is a profile of the American Cold Warrior James Burnham (1905 1987), who is remembered as being one of the co-founders of the conservative monthly, National Review. What is little known about Burnham is the fact that he was a communist in his early twenties and a steady correspondent with Trotsky. It didn't take long before he recognized the inherit tyranny that is the very nature of communism - and from that moment on he devoted much of his life to revealing to the world the dangers of that tyranny.


Why America Could Win A War Against Russia (Pathfinder Magazine, 1951)

When this article first went to print, American forces had been slugging it out on the Korean peninsula for the past six months - and the American people had genuine concerns about that dust-up snowballing into a much larger conflict. This article was written to remind them that mighty air armadas do not simply appear when necessary; they must be planned and budgeted. The author goes into great depth concerning all the impressive aircraft that was both available in limited numbers and on the drawing boards - but the military-industrial complex would need a lead time of 18 months to produce them in effective numbers.

"If we win this war or any part of it, it won't be due to the wisdom or foresight of our political leaders but to what U.S. industry has heretofore conclusively proved itself capable of - an outright production miracle."

Were Russian MIGS Better Than American Fighter Jets?


Stalin's 'Hate-America' Campaign (Pathfinder Magazine, 1952)

In 1952 the Soviet hierarchy began publishing an enormous amount of anti-American cartoons in magazines and newspapers throughout the "worker's paradise". As you will see, the Red cartoonists of yore were really big on comparing Americans to bugs and Nazis; they also delighted in making all American senior officers resemble the obese General Walker, who was the American corps commander leading the U.N. Forces in Korea.

The Soviets were very clever in the way in which they used radio to manipulate their people, click here to read about that...


An American Red Comments on the Cold War (Masses & Mainstream, 1955)

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover called him "the most dangerous Communist in the United States" - his name was Herbert Aptheker (1915 - 2003) and in this magazine article he explained to his readers that as he traveled the Western states he saw an America that was heartily "sick of the Cold War".


Escape from East Berlin (Pageant Magazine, 1967)

Lenin went to his grave believing that he had established a nation where a worker's labor would be fairly compensated - a land free from want; but this was not the case. The Soviet Union, and all its assorted satellites, was in actuality, a police state where people longed to get away from all the free stuff that was offered - thousands of people successfully escaped while many others died trying. The country he created was one in which the word "escape" was frequently uttered - which brings us to this article - it concerns cars and how they were able to be refashioned in such a way as to conceal the East Germans who wished so badly to get away to the West - and it is very well illustrated.


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