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The Nazis

               The Nazis Film Clips

Nazi Book Burning Article 1933

The Fascist Mojo in Germany (Literary Digest, 1933)

Shortly after that infamous day when Hitler was sworn into power in the offices of Paul Von Hindenburg, this article hit the newsstands in North America about the new mood that was creeping across Germany:

"At no time since the war - not even during the occupation of the Ruhr - it is said, has there been so much militarist and nationalist propaganda in Germany as there is now."

"Anti-militarist newspapers, it appears, are afraid, in Berlin at least, to raise their voice in protest because of the continual and ruinous suspensions by the authorities..."

During the summer of 1938 the Nazis allowed one of their photo journalists out of the Fatherland to wander the American roads; This is what he saw...


Gregor Strasser: the Nazi Rebel (Literary Digest, 1933)

Attached is a profile of Hitler's director of the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party), and their political differences that led to his resignation.

"Hitler was hard hit when Gregor Strasser (1892 1934), one of his ablest and oldest supporters, broke away from him. It happened in one of the fights between rival factions in the Hitlerite movement which followed losses sustained in the November Reichstag elections."

"Profound gratitude is due Strasser from Hitler because when Hitler was released from jail, there was at least a nucleus of his party left, so that its reconstruction did not have to begin in a void. Gratitude was expressed on Hitler's part for he made Strasser chief of his propaganda work."

He was murdered in his prison cell during the Night of Long Knives (June 30, 1934).

Read about the German POWs who were schooled in virtues of democracy.


The Merger of Austria With Germany (Ken Magazine, 1938)

Here is an article about Austria's Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg (1897 - 1977) and how the merger of Austria and Nazi Germany came about in 1838:

"Behind the scenes that hard day at Berchtesgaden, revealing what Hitler said to Kurt Schuschnigg and what the Austrian public never knew about the German plot to stage in Vienna a counterpart of the Reichstag fire, as a pretext for invasion. Schuschnigg spoiled that pretext, only to furnish another one himself. Uncovering the plot in the hope of averting invasion he merely brought it on."


Gloom in Germany (Ken Magazine, 1938)

"But today there is no laughter in Germany. There are only smiles of disdain, contempt, conceit and strain. There is no humility, no pity, not much mercy. There is an odd sort of honor, an amazing egotism. But there is no will power nor need there be in a nation that knows but one man's will."

CLICK HERE to read an article from 1923 about the abitious Adolf Hitler.


The Nazi Hollywood (Ken Magazine, 1938)

Written by a fellow who in later years would write a good deal about propaganda films, this article is amusing for the way it reported the total lack of humor and curiosity that Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels (1897 1945) brought to the subject of film production; how they totally killed the existing German film industry and made film criticism illegal.

Read an article about the banning of all foreign artists in Hitler's Germany...


A German Dissident Recalls His Incarceration (Ken Magazine, 1938)

Locked-up for having run an underground newspaper in the Third Reich, this is the harrowing story one dissident's experiences in the Nazi concentration camps:

"What a relief it would be to take that uniformed scoundrel by the throat, throw him on the floor, pay him back for his beating, yell 'You dog! You swine!'"

Read about the American reporter who became a Nazi...


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