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The Nazis

               The Nazis Film Clips

Horst Wessel: Nazi Martyr (Ken Magazine, 1939)

This 1939 article from Ken Magazine lays out the real story of the life and death of Nazi storm trooper Horst Wessel (1907 – 1930) - not the one believed by the fascists he left behind:

"In Germany, 1930, a pimp killed another pimp for cutting in on his girl's territory. The slain pimp was a Nazi named Horst Wessel. Then Hitler came into power, and propagandist Goebbels, in need of a 'Hell-rouser', dreamed up the Wessel legend, made him an official Nazi martyr-saint.'"


Food Shortages in the Third Reich (Literary Digest, 1937)

"Guns instead of butter!" was the slogan General Hermann Goering, Commissar, sounded for the Four Year Plan destined to control production and slash imports as an aid to the Reich's fantastic rearmament program."

"For the great mass of Germans, however, the most serious food shortage since the war cast a pall over Christmas. Housewives got orders to specify their favorite dairy store, and to patronize it exclusively. By prohibiting any shopping around, officials found it possible to limit the distribution of butter and other fats. A census of of the size of families has already been taken, and, beginning January 1, every housewife must limit fat purchases to at least 80 per cent of her October buying."


Nazi Indoctrination: the Eighth Grade (Ken Magazine, 1939)

Five months before the Second World War began an American journalist paid a visit to a German middle school and watched an eighth grade German history pageant; these are his observations:

"Sitting in Germany's schoolrooms are 20 million boys and girls. It is the custom, in democratic countries, to think that Hitler is engaged in pulling wool, or at least some cheap non-import substitute for it, over their eyes every school day."
"For two years , for instance, all German boys and girls have been exposed to the following clear-cut lesson":

'Where e'er I gaze, as German,
My soul with pain o'erflows,
I see the German nation
Girt round and round with foes.'

Click here to read about the Allied effort to re-educate the German boy soldiers of W.W. II.


Nazi Terror at Plotzensee Prison (Ken Magazine, 1939)

A first-hand account as to the daily goings-on at Plötzensee Prison in Nazi Germany.

Written by Jan Valtin (alias of Richard Julius Hermann Krebs: 1905 - 1951), one of the few inmates to make his way out of that highly inclusive address and tell the tale. Valtin was a communist in the German resistance movement who later escaped to New York and published his memoir about his experiences in Nazi Germany Out of the Night (1941).

"...the purpose of punishment is the infliction of suffering." In the tiny, dark cells of this Nazi prison that is the Law. It breaks some men, but it tempers others to a harder steel as the underground fight against Hitler goes on..."


More Laws for the Germans (Literary Digest, 1936)

"With no check of legislative body or court, the Nazi triumvirate had decreed that smuggling money or shares out of Germany, and failure to bring into Germany money from goods sold abroad, should be punishable by death." "Today shadows have fallen upon the once-proud German universities. The professors have been forced out of the temples of learning or driven into exile or subjected to a subtle pressure which has changed their academic detachment into clumsy conformity with Hitler's ideals."

Click here to read Hitler's plan for German youth."


A Socialist Remedy for Nazi-Germany's Labor Questions (Literary Digest, 1935)

"A Socialist Workers' Government has achieved a workers revolution in Germany without resorting to, though in some respects it approximates, Communism. Adolf Hitler has done it by wiping out all class privileges and class distinction, but the economics foundation of property rights and private capital has been left almost intact - for the present time."

"The Third Reich, under Hitler, has wiped out corporate trade-unionism by forcing all workers to join one great government union, the National Socialist Union of Employers and Workers..."

Eventually, unions were outlawed under Hitler.

Click here to read about the Nazi assault on the German Protestant churches in 1935.

Read an Article About the Socialist Aspects of Hitler's Book, "Mein Kampf".

Hitler's economist admitted the German economy was socialist - more about that can be read here ...


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