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The Nazis

               The Nazis Film Clips

Atrocity Denials (Literary Digest, 1933)

Shortly after Hitler had assumed power came the eyewitness accounts concerning all the assorted government sanctioned murders, public beatings, and confiscations that characterized the Third Reich.

This article appeared on the newsstands just three months after Hitler's coronation and is offers numerous repudiations, abnegation and disavowals all composed by the polished pros of the regime; such as Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, Reichsbank Chairman Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, newspaper editor Fritz Klein of the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, and the editor from the Nazi organ in Munich, the Voelkischer Beobachter, who opined

"We hereby nail this shameless lie. The accusations remain unexampled in the history of any cultured nation."

Click here to read about the contempt that the Nazis had for Modern Art.

Click here to read about the similarities and differences between communism and fascism.


Dr. Walter Gross and the Office of Racial Policy (Collier's Magazine, 1944)

"Although he may not be very well known outside Germany, few men rank higher in the Nazi regime than Doctor Walter Gross (1904 - 1945). As head of the Office of Racial Policy, he is Adolf Hitler's expert on breeding, riding herd on the biological urge, and even deciding what children may be brought into the world."

Written by George Creel (1876 1953), this single page article outlines how this quack doctor was responsible for the enslavement of women sex slaves who were pressed into submission from all the conquered nations of Europe.
Gross killed himself at the end of the war.

Click here to read about the origins of Fascist thought...


Hermann Goering Named as 'Economic Dictator' (Literary Digest, 1936)

"'Uncle' Hermann to the masses, 'Our' Hermann to the army and big business, Col. Gen. Hermann Wilhelm Goering (1893 1946) last week became economic dictator and virtual Vice-Chancellor of the Third Reich."

"Adolf Hitler dropped into his brawny, outstretched arms full power to carry out the gigantic plan which aims at making the Nazi State economically self-sufficient [in four years]."

Read about the American reporter who became a Nazi...


The Boeing Collaboration (Ken Magazine, 1939)

A 1939 article that concerned the rapid growth of the German Air Force, but also referred to the scandalous business dealings of American manufacturers Boeing and Douglas Aircraft had in this expansion.

"It has taken Field Marshall Hermann Wilhelm Goering a little over six years to build the German Air Armada, one of the world's most formidable offensive forces, out of a magnificent bluff."

A similar article can be read here...


Nazi Art Criticism (Art Digest, 1936)

A few vile words concerning modernism and "Jewish artists" by a forgotten Nazi art critic named L.A. Schutze:

"The only one who has created an art entirely born out of the Talmudistic spirit is Picasso, heir of Arabian decorative artists or the Jewish cabalists of Spain."

Click here to read about the contempt that the Nazis had for Modern Art.


The Murder of SA Stormtrooper Herbert Hentsch (Literary Digest, 1933)

The Nazis were very adept at eating their young; here is but one of many stories from assorted German and Austrian newspapers that illustrated that point:

"The Hitlerites, it alleges, have their own Army, police, and courts functioning independently of the constituted authorities, even defying those authorities, and passing death sentences by secret tribunals."
"In Dresden dwelt a 'shock-troop division' man named Herbert Hentsch whose body was found not so long ago."

"Various circumstances suggest that comrades of the dead young man within the Nazi ranks put him out of the way..."

CLICK HERE to read about the beautiful "Blonde Battalions" who spied for the Nazis...


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1933 mein kampf review
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